Gelang Patah Local Council

The Gelang Patah Local Council was established in on 3rd September 1953 and was administered by the Assistant District Officer with six council members chosen by the residents. Its chairman was Lim Tee Tong and he held the post for several years. On 21st August 1957, two new council members were appointed by the State Government of who were Malay and Indian.

An election was held every year to choose Council members and in 1962, the Johor Bahru Election Department held and carried out an election under the Local Government Election Act 1960. In year 1961, the Socialist Front Party had participated in the election to confront the MCA party candidates.

The Local Council was administered according to the 1952 Local Council Acts and the Town Board Enactment No. 118. Every year the Government had granted financial assistance to enable the Local Council carried out its duties effortlessly. The main income for Local Council was earned from door tax, sewage tax, business licenses, bicycle license and income from water collection.