Kangkar Pulai Local Council

The Kangkar Pulai Village was situated along the Pulai Mountain outskirts at Batu 16½ Jalan Pontian - Johor. Kangkar Pulai Local Council was established on 15th March 1953 to manage affairs such as hygiene, health, social welfare, religion and so on. A small room situated at E-49, Jalan Kangkar Pulai was made as its temporary office. The local council's office was then moved to the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in March 1955. In year 1956, there were about 125 units of houses with total residents of about 1,112 people.

The Front Socialist Party had successfully won six seats during the local election held in 1959. With that victory, Front Socialist Party gained full power to administer Kangkar Pulai Local Council led by its chairman, Wong Chong Ching in 1961. The Kangkar Pulai Local Council's office was again moved from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to Kangkar Pulai Community Centre which was built by the Government.

In May 1962, the local authority once again held the local election. During the election the MCA Party won and managed to won all seats. Wu Ngo Tong was appointed as the fifth chairman. Meanwhile in August 1968, Lee Tze Fooi was appointed as the seventh chairman.