Ulu Choh Local Council

About 50 years ago, Ulu Choh was merely a rural area. The Government at that moment encouraged the residents around the vicinity to participate in the agricultural sector such as in rubber tree and vegetable plantations. During the same period, Singapore wishes to have water supply from the State of Johor. From that event, Singapore had opened its P.U.B branch in Ulu Choh to process the water supplied to it. The opening of P.U.B branch had caused a small settlement until a village was formed which later known as Batu 22, Jalan Kolam Air.

Kampung Ulu Choh was formed in 1951 and in early 1953, Batu 22 was declared as the Ulu Choh Local Council. The Government then appointed a few well known local people to be Council members. The first Local Council chairman was Kok Yin Khian followed by Kok Kim Hee.

In year 1959, Ulu Choh Local Council's first election was held to choose the Local Authority Government.