Ulu Tiram Local Council

Ulu Tiram was situated about 20 kilometres from Johor Bahru Municipal towards Jalan Kota Tinggi. The new village was opened in 1927 with 500 residents and 47 units of shop houses and 5 units of residential houses. It also had a Police Station and a Postal Representative.

Ulu Tiram started to change when a resettlement action was carried out by the Government during the emergency era between 1949 and 1951. The residents were gathered and given the assistance including building residential houses.

In year 1949, a New Village Committee under the guidance of a Resettlement Officer was formed. This committee consists of 6 members and headed by Yong Yaw Num.

At the end of 1953, the Ulu Tiram Local Council was announced to take over New Village Committee. The last election held during that time was on 30th May 1962. Four Alliance Party candidates and four Socialist Front Party candidates were chosen and another one was chosen by the Government to become its members. The Local Council Committee was formed and chaired by Liew Sing Seng of the Alliance Party.