Masai Local Council

Initially, the Masai Local Council was a very small village with only few residents. In the year 1949, while the nation was under the threat of the communist and placed under the emergency situation, residents who lived at remote places aside the estates and nearby villages were ordered to be moved to Masai. As a result, the Government had decided to rail the areas to protect the Masai residents from communist's provocation and to facilitate administration activities.

In the year 1952, the Government had also taken steps as the other Local Council by establishing committee to administer the new village lead by Chee Meng Kee. The Masai Local Council was established in 1953 with nine committee members and chaired by Chee Meng Kee. The selection process for the committee was made through an election where three candidates contested by using symbols such as car, bicycle and telephone. The first district officer during the establishment of the Local Council was Tan Sri Dato' Samsu Bin Mahmood.