No. Services Description
1. Panel Clinic System A system which eases management of expenditure for MPJBT staff treatment in selected clinics.
2. File Management System (Licensing Department) A file management system which involves license matters such as application and termination, and also updating.
3. System for Tax, Collection, License, Tenancy, and Assessment SA system developed to ease management of MPJBT core services.
4. Application Registration System (Urban Planner Department) A system which eases management of application related to municipal planning within MPJBT administration area.
5. Information System for Contractor, Tender and Quotation (Contract Supply Department) Developed to ease management of information related to MPJBT-registered contractors, tender information and quotation information.
6. Finance System (Finance Department) Developed for managing finance-related matters in MPJBT
7. Human Resource Management System (Management Service Department) Developed for managing matters such as payment of wages, personnel daily attendance, service record and personnel information.
8. Asset Management System (Asset Unit) Developed for managing asset in MPJBT
9. Stationery Inventory System (Information Technology Division) For managing inventory for printing-related equipment.
10. Notice to Correct System -
11. Print Pay Slip Used by MPJBT's staff to print payslip
12. Sistem iNc Leave Application Online System (Sistem iNc)