Management Service Department
     ♦ Human Resource Division
     ♦ General Administration Division
     ♦ Information Technology Division
     ♦ Integrity Unit

Financial Department
     ♦ Budget and Account Division
     ♦ Financial and Revenue Division

Jabatan Penilaian dan Pengurusan HartaValuation and Property Management Department
     ♦ Property Management Division
     ♦ Valuation Division

Development and Planning Department
     ♦ GIS and Development Planning Division
     ♦ Planning Control Division

Engineering Department
     ♦ Public Facility Division
     ♦ Drainage Division
     ♦ Electrical and Mechanical Division
     ♦ Roads and Traffic Division
     ♦ Infrastructure Control and Special Projects Division
     ♦ Contract Management DIvision

Building Department
     ♦ Building Plan Division
     ♦ Building Control Division

Public Health Department
     ♦ Town Services Division    
     ♦ Public Health Division
Licensing Department
     ♦ Business Trade Division
     ♦ Hawker Division
     ♦ Business Service & Control Division

Enforcement Department
     ♦ Car Park Division

Community Development Department

Landscape Department
     ♦ Landscape Division
     ♦ Beautification and Landscaping Maintenance Division
     ♦ Landscape Control Division

Legal Unit

Corporate and Public Communication Unit

Internal Audit Unit

Commisioner of Building Unit (COB)

One Stop Center Unit (OSC)