Lima Kedai Local Council

Before the World War II began, an English man had built a residential house on top of a quarry base. He was also responsible in building five shop houses along a riverside near a bridge. All the five shop houses were rented to four residents whom are Chinese and a Punjabi. They carried out business activities such as selling groceries, coffee shop and barber shop.

Nevertheless, during the emergency period in 1948, these five shop houses and the residents around the vicinity were ordered to move to the Hiap Send rubber plantations and now been known as Kampung Baru Lima Kedai.

Initially, there were about 42 units of wooden houses and a few housing lot bases been granted by the State Government with the help of a Relocation Officer. A police station also was built at that time.

Lima Kedai Local Council was established on 1st August 1954 by renting a house as its office. On 31st May 1959, an election for Municipal and Local Councils were held and a chairman was elected. The government had also proposed for the election to be carried out once in three years. Therefore in 1962, another election was held.